Gabe Zichermann: Change Keynote Speaker

learning from failure is how we adapt to change

The pace of innovation today is truly astounding. But how do organizations and individuals stay on the cutting edge, delivering maximum value in an ever-changing economy?

I’m an entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 16, and has started (and sold) a number of companies since. In each case, my startups were on the cutting edge of various industries and movements, and I’ve had the fortune of being able to share my understanding with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

I’ve learned that in order to spark innovation, you need to build a culture that truly embraces (and not just talks about) the potential for failure and the need to innovate. If we can’t elevate and celebrate failure, we deprive ourselves and our organizations of the necessary fuel to drive innovation.

This is what stands between intention and action in the most innovative organizations.

My innovation keynotes draw on my personal experience and case studies gleaned from research into top innovators in athletics, the arts, technology, industry and politics. These ideas are brought together using my proprietary approach to information-rich innovation keynote presentations:

  1. Reframe the Challenge with Context

  2. Explain the Science

  3. Reveal the Underlying Process & Mechanics

  4. Layer in Relevant Examples

  5. Deliver Actionable Take-Aways to Spur Innovation

These 5 elements are woven together with humor, plenty of a-ha moments and a quick pace that leaves audiences inspired, energized and ready to tackle the great personal and professional challenges they face.

Together, attendees will create the future with this inspiring, actionable innovation keynote


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