Futurist Keynote Speaker: Gabe Zichermann

what you need to know about tomorrow, today

With over 25 years of experience founding and running high-velocity tech companies, I’ve seen my fair share of new ideas come, go and conquer.

But how do you know which is which? And even more importantly, how do you thrive in a world that changes every hour?

That’s the role of the futurist: to identify important trends relevant to your attendees, break them down into easily understandable chunks, and provide a process to attack new opportunities.

This is what you get from great futurist keynote speakers: the ability to move beyond the buzzwords and fear of the unknown to uncover the actionable insights that will drive positive change going forward among your attendees. Nothing is less motivating than a laundry list of things you should be worried about without any way of leveraging it as opportunity. I understand this intimately, and deliver innovation keynotes that inspire and motivate.

My Unique Approach:
My futurist keynotes draw heavily on case studies gleaned from research into top trends in athletics, the arts, technology, industry and politics. These ideas are brought together using my proprietary approach to information-rich futurist keynote presentations:

  1. Reframe the Challenge with Context

  2. Explain the Science

  3. Reveal the Underlying Process & Mechanics

  4. Layer in Relevant Examples

  5. Deliver Actionable Take-Aways to Drive Outcomes

These 5 elements are woven together by diving deeply into your industry’s challenges and blending that with humor, plenty of a-ha moments and a quick pace that leaves audiences inspired, energized and ready to tackle the great personal and professional challenges they face.

Together, attendees will create the future with this inspiring, actionable innovation keynote


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