The A-Ha! Pitch Sprint is a two week program designed to help founders bulletproof and perfect their pitch and sales process, with an eye on closing their next round of funding.


The Pitch Sprint uses the proprietary A-Ha! Method for Public Speaking and Pitching developed by Gabe Zichermann. This approach melds decades of experience with behavioral science to help founders at any level become effective, polished, confident speakers. The program is delivered with an agile, content-first approach that emphasizes repetition, continuous improvement and consistent mentorship/feedback over a two week period.

Optional: design resources can be deployed between sessions to advance the deck design alongside the pitch iteration. 


By the end of the two week period, founders should have:

  1. An investor-ready pitch deck and spiel that is tuned to the current status and fundraising reality.
  2. Appropriate answers for key, expected questions.
  3. A confident and authentically delivered pitch that leverages their story and traction to drive funding closes. 
  4. A list of target investors and outreach strategy for each


The course is designed to be an intensive sprint, delivered over 2 weeks in 12 total sessions. This approach is intentional – and reflects the need to get founder focus and attention on the issue, the power of repetition and the timeliness of pitches. Sessions are 60-90 minutes, preferably delivered live (but can be done remotely). 

Each session includes: 

  • Founder pitch delivery
  • Feedback from primary + secondary mentors
  • Hands-on story and deck work
  • Subject-specific instruction / homework (in addition to the above)
  • Accountability for investor target list and outreach status

Specific Session Topics:

  1. Feedback and Methodology for Pitches
  2. What’s the Story
  3. Finding Your Authentic Voice
  4. Demos, Supplements
  5. Keeping the Audience’s Attention
  6. Virtual Presentations
  7. Memorization
  8. Sales techniques
  9. Confidence
  10. Tone, Pacing, Timing
  11. Pitch Hygiene
  12. Murphy’s Law and Pitches

Between Sessions

  • Videos are sent to external mentors (VCs and Investors + Peers) to provide additional feedback. This is brought back to the next session for review. 
  • Optional design resources can be iterating on the deck and demo between each session to have a continuously improved deck. 
  • Founders are working on key elements of the presentation and their investor CRM (research, outreach, etc)

Post Sprint

The instructor can be available on a drop-in/as-needed basis to discuss pitch results and provide guidance/tweaks/accountability along the way. 

Scoring & KPIs

At the highest level, the ideal KPI is successful fundraising. Incrementally toward that goal, the following KPIs can be considered for success assessment:

  1. Founder feedback on the program
  2. Mentor feedback on pitches
  3. Investor feedback on pitch quality


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