Have you ever wanted to have the team cohesion and commitment of an early stage startup scaled to an enterprise-class organization?

The secret is building a company that is friend-forward.

Businesses have a unique opportunity to help employees develop lasting connections with each other that will foster better performance, reduce loneliness and increase loyalty to the organization. These friendships must be based on honesty, consent and shared communication, taking the “work bestie” and making it vastly more common than just 1:1.

This also means helping employees develop and use critical thinking and communication skills that enable to them to interface and befriend people who might not be quite like them. At the same time, opening up these empathy pathways will enable companies to step away from corporate activism and create organizations that are focused on interpersonal – rather than societal – progress as the key metric of success.

We develop and deliver two general kinds of workshops:

  1. Strategic: Helping leadership develop strategies for increasing friend connections and navigating difficult subjects/times for employees. The net result is strategic planning and communications that facilitate better employee relations and fewer external pressure conflicts.
  2. Employee Tactical: These workshops include dealing with difficult subjects, increasing EQ, friendship modeling and coaching, “speed dating for friends”, and many more. Each is designed in a bespoke fashion to ensure maximum social capital and improved connections.

In addition, we help companies develop playbooks for difficult subjects and employee engagement that includes tangible programs and processes based on empirical research and experience.